Thursday, February 26, 2009

Life Right Now

Well it's been over a week since my husband left to go in the Army. Since he didnt have to go back to BC he is able to call me a lot. It has been so nice to hear from him almost everyday. That changes today though. Today is when they move to the other barricks to start the training. He will be training everyday but gets Sunday afternoons off. But at least I will hear from him on Sundays. Better then what I use to get when he was on Navy deployments.

Me and the dog went up to my parents for a week, that was fun and I got to celebrate my birthday with them. I am so happy that I didnt have to spend it alone. I have been doing pretty good actually, i think because I could talk to him a lot.

I cant wait to find out where we are going to get stationed. I am ready for a warm location :) we are getting too much snow here in Maine. I look forward to what Army life is going to bring us.

I am so excited that this weekend is Cyber Crop over at Tally :) I love Cyber Crops, they are a total blast. So if you read this and you arent on Tally, you should come check it out