Monday, March 9, 2009

Design Team On Tally

This Sunday starts the search for a new design tema on Tally, I really love that site. I have tried out once before and didnt make it. But I am going to try again and hope that I do make it. If not, then I just have to keep trying until I do :)

I need to get to work on my 3 LO's that I can submit. I have some ideas in my head just need to put them on paper :) So if you read this, come check out all the submissions. Best Of Luck to everyone that submits

Time For An Update

Hi everyone just wanted to update you all. Most know that my husband left for the Army in Feb. He is doing well and I am doing alright too. Just trying to keep busy and I have so far.

I received a newsletter from the Captain about what they were doing at WTC for this week and past week so I was very impressed with that. I do get to talk to him quite a bit so that always help. He really wants me to move down to GA while he is at AIT so I am looking for furnished places. We wouldnt be there long enough for me to pack all of our crap and haul it down there and then just to have to haul it someplace in a couple months.

Well just wanted to do a little update for everyone that is interested. :)